Monday, April 28, 2008


Ammumma and Abu and their family tree....

The tiny hands which should have played with toys and fumbled with pens and books had to deal with the heavy kitchen utensils. The tiny face which should have glowed playing in the sun had to face the smoke and soot from the kitchen.

Till yesterday she was happy with her books and school and in one day fate took a different turn. Her mother was ill and she had to take the responsibility of her younger siblings and house.

She was none other than my grandmother….the most intelligent person I have encountered. She embraced life as it was, and even in the direst circumstances kept her faith alive.

I remember her taking one handful of Dal from the amount she had taken for cooking and putting it in a separate jar. I saw her repeating this with what ever ingredient she used in kitchen. When enquired why? , she told that there was a time in her life when food was scarce and it was difficult to make ends meet. She used to store just a handful of all ingredients and store it separately without anyone’s knowledge. When it was the month end and it was time to go grocery shopping, she still had enough stuff which would keep them going for few more weeks.

She is one of the most creative person I have seen. Creativity according to her does not need any pre requisites. It blooms with an open eye and clear thought and minimum materials.

I have tried to follow this always…in kitchen , in the house or in dance….
Here is one bread bowl (born from the sheer motivation from my kids who look for variety)

Cut the ends of the bread slices.Roll the bread slices with a rolling pin. Grease the muffin pan with butter and keep the bread slices fitting the muffin pan in the shape of a bowl.Bake it for 10 minutes on 350 degrees F or till the sides start to brown. Once done fill these bread bowls with grated carrot and dress with Italian ranch dressing and serve it hot.

Submitting this to Jihva for love , Though the recipe listed is not Ammamma's recipe , it does have the ingredient love and quick flashes of creativity which I have inherited from her.



Mishmash ! said...

ethil nandu-nte parents etha ? njan ethu vare kandittilla !

njan vilkkatto....eppazha onnu settle aaye....just waiting to change the cell conxn too....tell P too.


Suma Rajesh said...

no words to reveal.....this post really feel home sick....hope the day comes soon when v will have a getotgether just like this .......will have a gr88t mela.....

Cynthia said...

I remember her taking one handful of Dal from the amount she had taken for cooking and putting it in a separate jar. I saw her repeating this with what ever ingredient she used in kitchen. When enquired why? , she told that there was a time in her life when food was scarce and it was difficult to make ends meet. She used to store just a handful of all ingredients and store it separately without anyone’s knowledge. When it was the month end and it was time to go grocery shopping, she still had enough stuff which would keep them going for few more weeks. - so much wisdom, so much resourcefulness.

You are blessed.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Appa and amma are on the side of Ammumma just above my family .In the same line topmost is my brother and his wife:)i know you were busy...hope you are getting used to your new home.

why don't you make it this summer to our place we can have great time:)

Yes dear, she is very wise and resourceful as you said.
i WAS NOT ABLE TO MAIL YOU ..sorry abt that...My parents are coming down for summer and i have a few performances which are keeping me on my feet...

sunita said...

nanditha, that is such a wonderful post...thanks for sharing it :-)

Asha said...

Oh, I love the family portrait, N and such a great story of your ajji! Beautiful, good job. Salad looks yum, great for Summer!:)

AnuZi said...

What a sweet soul stirring tale about your ammumma. She would be proud of your kitchen accomplishments I am sure :o)

ranji said...

lovely pics of ur family nanditha!!some faces are familiar apart from suma and rajesh!!!lovely post....

Suma Rajesh said...

i would definitly luv to come but as u know rajesh has joined a new project recently ,its tough to take leave.....

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you sunita..

Asha, Nice to see you back...

I am blessed to have her:)

did you recognise me in the family potrait.

Try to come atleast for the week can stay back longer:)

ranji said...

I havent seen u face to face but i did recognise u.Visited ur other site with dancing postures..very beautiful!!:)...From the photo i remember seeing ur mom and dad(mid-left right)and i think i have also seen ur grandfather!!!

Madhavi said...

Wonderful Entry, lovely pics of ur family!!!Thanxx for sharing.

Jyothsna said...

How sweet! And that's a neat idea with the bread.

ranji said...

hi nanditha!!happy to know u r trying my badami mushroom curry....let me know how it turned out:)...

ranji said...

hi nanditha!!!i am soo happy to hear abt that...give ur son my hug:)...
hey by the way did u study in udyogamandal school?

Roopa said...

Hello nanditha, dont know if you still remb my blog? coz the first comment you wrote was on my post "a tribute to my dad" as he had passed away that time and around same time, you saw my blog the first time! ever since never saw you there, so kind of felt a little bad :( but iam glad to know you are related to ranji who happens to be my cousin sister-in-law. Also I saw that you and Sindhya are related! she was my batchmate in MIT. Nice to know another fellow blogger from same community:) ...

Purnima said...

Nanditha, is that u and kids at the LHS bottom ? Just guessing here..your posts hv very optimistic n emotional feel to it! You truly write well, blessed wt great family! Enjoyed reading whatever I cd!! TKs for sharing n penning down so beautifully!

Susan said...

Love the collage of family photos, Nandita. (I remember the one you posted earlier of your grandparents.) But where are you? I could guess, but rather you tell me if you want to share.

A remarkable character, your grandma has. I am convinced it is your attitude that shapes your life just as much as the events in it. Lovely post...again.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

i am at the left hand side corner with hubby and my 2 boys... had you guessed that rt? susan?

mathew said...

ahh..i feel like rummaging through old albums after seeing this..

Rajani said...

hi... first time on your blog. Its Ramayana masam and was planning to blog about it but wanted to see what others have to say - so reached your miles to go blog and then here. love you post on your ammamma. do drop by my blog.

Peri said...

Well written article.

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