Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you have Those purple beauties in your fridge?

Mother in law to the newly wed daughter in law: We have guests for lunch today, See whether we have those big eggplants in the fridge?

Daughter in law dutifully opens the fridge and finds the purple baingans mocking at her. She had never had a fascination for that vegetable , which though looks firm is all slimy once cooked. She couldn't imagine this being cooked for the guests !!!
Imagine going to a house for food and being offered baingans?".. she thinks.....

A few years later....

Daughter in law , ransacks the fridge looking for the huge purple beauties , to make her ma in law's side dish..
It happens... we fall in love with things you once detested in life....
So here goes the recipe for Vaingan Bhajjille( Eggplant fry)....


1 large egg plant
1 tsp turmeric powder
1tsp chilly powder
a pinch of asafoetida
1tsp coriander powder
1/2 cup rice flour
oil as needed
salt to taste


Wash and clean the egg plant. cut it length wise into thin slices.Marinate with turmeric powder , chilly powder, coriander powder, asafoetida and salt. Heat a pan , and spread some oil .dust the egg plant with rice flour and fry on the pan. Fry both sides until done . The rice flour makes it crispy .

Believe me , you can taste egg plants which are not slimy... but crispy ...that you would even take it for a starter...

This goes to Vegetable of the week hosted by Pooja.


Happy cook said...

I have to admit i am not a fan of eggplants. As you daid firn when it is uncooked, but slimy when it is cooked.
That is exactly i think about it.
Love reading your story

Asha said...

No madam, I don't have any left in the fridge but love to have some of these. I lurve Brinjals!:D

Pooja said...

Thanks for a nice entry Nanditha :) .
This one is a quick dish too, even we can make for unexpected guests :D .
I never had idea of eggplant cooking this way till I came to USA .I saw this kinda eggplant topping on the pizza here, and at that time unfortunately that was only possibly vegetarian pizza so i use to eat that , Now eggplant pizza here is one of my fav. food. Will try making pizza with eggplant this week , if I got all the ingredients ;) .
Thanks again for taking out time to share this lovely dish with eggplant, Did i tell you before ? I love reading your posts , the way you narrate it all is too lovely .

Anonymous said...

Yummy....this is one of my favourite dish & honestly we take it almost 2-3 times a week, especially it is very popular in the tiffins as also with lunch and meals...the description is also nice...have a wonderful time!

Cynthia said...

Your sentiment about the eggplant is exactly one of the many reasons you and I are such good friends. I've always felt the same way! Now, I am finding new ways to make and enjoy eggplant :)

Bharathy said...

just saw two blogs with Baingans for Pooja!Yours is the third consecutively!
Loved the story and the innovative dish here!:)

backpakker said...

I hv to say that I dont like egg plants at all..always conveniently told people I have an allergy to it :)

Susan said...

Thinly sliced, lightly floured and seasoned, then fried is the only way I really like eggplant, although I will eat it in other dishes. It does have its textural "issues" when stewed, but it's not as dramatic as okra. I even like okra now (again, floured and fried).

Love hearing the stories of your family life, Nanditha. Very comforting.

kitchen queen said...

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