Wednesday, February 13, 2008


He is catching up with the news , browsing through the news paper after dinner. Hand involuntarily moving from the bowl full of grapes to mouth.
She sits down with the good housekeeping magazine.

She : So when will you ever learn?

He: what?

She: What is your weight?

He: (pursing his lips) I did not check.

She : So when will you check?

He : don't know

She: Did you exercise today?

He: No

She: yesterday?

He: No

She : what all food did you have today?

He: Whatever you packed for me!( face full of innocence)

She: You sure you did not have any thing else?

He: nothing that I can remember.

She: So when did you have this( she is showing golden wrapper....the ones which comes with chocolates)?

He: what? Oh! that I don't exactly remember!

She: (This act of innocence , is what makes her loose her control) Why don't you keep a food dairy.....if you have a passion to do something you can do it...( her voice slowly breaking)
Do you remember when you started promising me to take care of your health? how much can I do? I am really worried! When will you ever start to take care?

He: ( seeing her eyes filled with tears he slowly grasps the seriousness of the situation. he is soft and mellow) You are there to take care na?

She: (she has decided not to give up)Don't try to play with me?

He: I promise you.....I will be more careful more chocolates............I am going to keep a record of what I eat.............happy?

She:I don't believe you....(she off to sleep)

Next day ....He is busy doing exercise when she wakes up.Her heart melts(she still tries to keep a stern countenance).The whole day he is making loud plans to start walking regularly....
In a week he brings home an exercise bike....and is burning calories regularly.

She wants to make up for all that she blurted out that night....she is only happy to have motivated him....

She is reminded of an easy chocolate recipe....
she blends together 1/2 cup Marie biscuit powder,
1/2 cup coconut milk powder
1/2 cup drinking chocolate powder
1/2 cup condensed milk
makes a dough....a mold different shapes with it.....

She : this is for you...

He:(is cautious and watching her reaction) I'll just take one....(while scooping two)

I Submit these temptations to valentine's day theme hosted by pooja.
and to heart for your valentine event.


Asha said...

Hahaha!! Well. after feeding these to him, don't you dare ask him whether he exercised!!
Looks great, happy V day. Enjoy!:)

Pooja said...

i enjoyed reading it ,we girls are just like that, first to be strict abt matters, and then when they start following we feel so soft about them :)) truly with a golden heart :) . your chocolate hearts looks delicious , Nice to get another entry from you. thanks a lot.

Mishmash ! said...

:))) I understand perfectly....munching choco at office was my dear one's hobby too but later luckily he stopped...:) btw, keeping a diary really helps...usually celebrities do that :P
quite an easy recipe...great for kids parties.....

Happy cook said...

Oh i am laughing readin the post, just imagining you hubby's innocent face and you trying to be tough with him.
My hubby is too in a diet....

zorra said...

Thank you for your participation and happy Valentine! And don't bake to much for your hubby. ;-)

Cynthia said...

This is not fair! You quarrel with the poor guy and then turn around and feed him chocolate. :D

Will email you this weekend re: pics.

Maddy said...

avideyannu problem - when the heart melts and you pour all that condensed milk into the chocolate .. the tire is going to come back!!

Susan said...

Walking is probably the least painful a reintroduction to exercise than any other activity. An awareness journal is a good idea, too. We just don't realize what we do or don't do everyday; it's all automatic.

GREAT cookies, Nanditha. So inventive and clever!

Homecooked said...

Aww...this is so sweet!!! In my house its the hubby keeps nagging me to exercise :)

KF said...

First time in your blog...Enjoyed reading this..In my house ,my hubby darling is always behind me..
I can imagine his innocent face..But u are sooooooo sweet like this choclate heart.

Anonymous said...

ha ha...lovely...can only say, nothing can be more tempting than this...your hubby surely have enjoyed this wonderful dish!

Divya Vikram said... have a lovely blog..

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hilarious write-up Nanditha...& good for the soul!!! Great post!

rv said...

hehe you know what at my house, its the opposite, my hubby is the one who is behind me to go to gym :)

mathew said...

hey this is ragging..;-P

Jyothsna said...

:)) Well, the fault lies with all that delicious stuff you cook!! ;)

Padmaja said...

I am totally bowled over with your dance blog and now your food one as well.
It will take a day or two to explore your wonderful mesmerising reads my dear!!
Tears rolled over when I read your Upma for amma!!Its wonderful to relive those amazing memoires right!!