Tuesday, January 29, 2008

soy samosas......through a journey of transformation!

The painter creates art on his easel with colors , a sculptor breathes life into his carved wonder, a singer experiences bliss at the rendering of melody, a dancer elevates one and all to the horizons of rasa., a writer vents his thoughts through words.......each and everyone gaining happiness from the presence of his own art. But in the case of a passionate cook.... this formula does not work. The one who creates sumptuous dishes would be rather happy with the disappearance of the piece of art...which would credit to the culinary skills of the artiste cook!

I gain the most satisfaction when my experiments in kitchen disappear , when every one happily munches on without complaint , when kids are engrossed in eating , their faces grinning while they eat!
The most challenging hour is the evening , when my kindergartner rushes from school , yelling, "Amma , what is today's special?"
His palate demands variety every evening....(can't complain! Today I realize what my mother might have gone through , trying to satisfy the picky eater in me)

It was almost time for my son to return from school... and I had still not figured out what to make for a snack!
I glanced at the leftovers on the counter and "eureka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"This would be the best way to feed him the papaya curry I made for lunch!"
I boiled two potatoes, peeled and smashed them ..added salt . Blended this with the leftover papaya side dish.
now what?.....................opened the counter tops for ideas...there popped out the soy flour which I had bought two days back after reading about the soy event.
soya flour?..............hmmmm.. why not ?
So in went 1/2 cup of soy flour in a mixing bowl. next I added1tbsp of heated butter and made into a dough with enough water and a pinch of salt.I made small balls and rolled it like a poori.

placed the pappaya potato mixture in the middle. close from all the three sides to made a triangle.

deep fry and Papaya soy samosas are ready!!!

Kids are happy.. and I too secretly enjoy the accomplishment of making my kids eat the papaya dish...Q
Even the papaya dish is ready in a jiffy... here you go...peel off the skin from the raw papaya and grate it. Heat a pan, add 1tbspof coconut oil. splutter mustard seeds , cumin seeds curry leaves and 2 split open green chillies. add in the grated papaya.reduce the heat and stir .add asafoetida, once done remove from fire and serve hot!

I submit these soy samosas to the WBB SOY EVENT hosted by rajitha.
Both the soy samosas and papaya dish also goes to AFAM event hosted by nags.


Asha said...

That is a great idea to add Tofu to Samosas, I love it!:)


nice to discover lovely blog

Mishmash ! said...

you ARE a clever mom :) You can make pakodas too with the leftovers thorans

Bharathy said...

Rare Combo,Nandu!Very interesting too!..Sure your little ones loved biting into them! :)..

Superchef said...

wow!!! thats a gr8 idea to make your kids eat their veggies..:)

krystyna said...

Hi Nandhi!
I think that a passiionate cook creates a wonderful art.
You created a wonderful art for eyes and for mouth, and for health!

Thanks for sharing!


Cynthia said...

A mark of a true cook is to do what you did and accomplished in this post. You rock!

Jyothsna said...

:) SO you too have begun buying stuff for blog events??!! :D Welcome to the brigade!!

Suma Rajesh said...

u know smera dont eat apple and carrot...but when i make them in the form of halwa she does...nice work

Srivalli said...

what a great looking samosa!...lovely

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hi asha,
i did not add tofu to samosa's , i used soy flour!:)

harekrishnaji, thankyou

I have tried the pakoda idea with left over thorans:)

yep. kids liked it..

i think its te kidoos who make us more creative!


cynthia :)thank you dear

he he ! i am aboard!

i know what a wonderful coo you are!

welcome here and thanks for leaving your comments!

mathew said...

this again proves the fact that Moms are the orginal recycling experts..how many time i was bluffed into eating something which I would never had otherwise!

Andhra Flavors said...

Hey really its a great idea with soy flour.

Anonymous said...

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